A huge thank you goes to our partners and sponsors for their continuous support for all of our projects, activities and workshops organized year-round.

A big thank you as well to all the members of the community with whom we collaborate, who share their expertise with Franco-Columbian youth in many of our projects and initiatives: organizations, school administrations, educational staff, facilitators, instructors, mentors and volunteers. Thank you for your precious time, energy and unfailing support.

And if you become a partner or sponsor of the CJFCB?

You can now contribute to the development of French-speaking youth in BC by becoming a sponsor of one or more of our events. In exchange, the CJFCB can offer you visibility among youth via our communication channels before, during and after the events. Thanks to your help, we can offer an optimal experience to Franco-Columbian youth.

The CJFCB is also committed to developing partnerships to connect its youth with the various stakeholders in the francophone community, but also to broaden its horizons. Whether it be to coordinate a youth-oriented project together or to support you in part of your initiative, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be thrilled, if possible, to collaborate with you.

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Contact us

For more information, contact Marie-Athéna Gaudé-Escoffier, Director of communications and community engagement at