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The CJFCB - Conseil Jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (BC Francophone Youth Council) represents the interests of French-speaking youth aged 14 to 25 across the province. Whether it be the consultation, development, or planning of our events, our mandate of being BY and FOR youth is at the heart of everything we do. From programs that develop their leadership and community/citizen engagement, activities that promote culture and openness to others, we strive to offer unique experiences for them to meet other participants from across the province and are proud to serve BC’s French-speaking youth.

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Registration for CJFCB activities and events must be done through our website. Your child will first need to create a profile on our website and then register for an activity in their member area. Once your child has registered, you have to sign a consent form (if your child is a minor) and pay a registration fee (depending on the event). More information about this will be available in your child's profile or by e-mail. Once these steps have been completed, a member of the Youth Council team will send you a transportation plan and a participation guide for the event, so that you have all the information you need for the event/activity.

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The CJFCB continues to thrive thanks to your generosity, a big thank you! Thanks to your support, we can have more human and material resources and thus offer more cultural, educational and community initiatives that respond to the needs and desires of franco-columbian youth.


If you have any questions about CJFCB activities or the registration process, please consult the FAQ.

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