Your Team

Rémi Marien – Executive Director

It was the taste of adventure that brought Rémi to B.C. in 2009. His love of being engaged in his community is what has made working at the Conseil Jeunesse so enjoyable for him since 2010! He has a diploma in business management and in his work he is inspired daily by the creativity and energy of the young francophones of B.C.!

Sophie Audet – Assistance Executive Director

Sophie joined the Youth Council team in 2012. After studying physiotherapy in Québec and working as an outdoor guide for three years in Powell River, her heart finally led her to the Youth Council.

Since her arrival, she has brought a variety of projects to fruition, ranging from the facilitation of Leadership Apprenticeships and the creation of École en Santé, to the coordination of the Youth Network. For the past two years, Sophie has coordinated all the programs related to schools with a fabulous team that’s growing every year.

Passionate about experiential education, youth development, and French within minority communities, Sophie found within the Youth Council, an ideal environment where she could combine these passions and demonstrate that education is not only confined to the classroom.

Outside of the Youth Council, Sophie has been coordinating the Conseil Scolaire Francophone’s (Francophone School Board) International Trips for the past three years. In her free time, you can find her riding her road bike or planning her next trip or outdoor adventure!

Marie-Athéna Gaudé-Escoffier - Communications Coordinator

Born in the south of France with Greek roots, Marie-Athéna likes to bring sun wherever she goes. From Vietnam to Mexico, she had the opportunity to travel during her studies, growing and discovering new cultures.

After gaining her master's degree in Marketing and working for 5 years at a communication agency in Paris, she decided to move to Vancouver in January 2018 to get closer to nature and live in multicultural city.

Curious and creative, she wanted to join a modern organization serving young people, so CJFCB was the perfect job for her!

Marie-Athéna is a big fan of the cinema, various television series, and loves walking around Stanley Park, hiking, or keeping up with new trends in communication.

Noémie Bencteux - Project Coordinator

Noémie arrived in Vancouver and to the Youth Council in February 2017. She studied Sociology and Ethnology in France, Turkey and Canada. Noémie was particularly interested in the dynamics of power and domination that exist between groups and within them. She thus focused on the theme of migration and development in France, in a context when tensions were high on this issue. While working to spread awareness to young college students on this issue and directly collaborating with West-African migrants, she decided that she would like to keep working towards improving this situation in the future.

Although passionate about the subject, she travelled to Vancouver in order to discover the Canadian West Coast. One week after her arrival, she joined the Youth Council to help the minority Francophone community to keep thriving. She really enjoys promoting and fostering Francophone identity for young people, especially when she works on projects that emphasize youth engagement.

Outside of work, Noémie is passionate about sailing, hiking and the protection of the environment. She hopes to make her way to Tahiti on her boat soon, before returning to British Columbia to continue advocating for issues that are close to her heart.

Clémentine Creach - Youth event coordinator

In March 2017, When Clementine arrived for the first time in Vancouver in March 2017, she has nothing else in mind but: “What are the connections between the learning of foreign languages and cultural studies ?”. A fascinating topic she thought.
After she has graduated in October 2017 she joined the team of French teachers at the Alliance Française de Vancouver and it has been a successful 1st experience. Before that, she has been involved in many different educative and intercultural events such as Prise de BEC (Bulles d’Echanges Culturels) or Francophone Village Junior 2016 organised by the French Institute of Sousse in Tunisia. Her pedagogical and cultural competences will be an asset to manage the projects that she will be in charge of at the Youth Council which will be: les Stages de Leadership, Rencontre ma Francophonie and Tremplin.

When she is not working, you can find her hiking in the mountains or planning new travels. Fond of cooking and literature, you could also catch her making new recipes or reading a good novel on the beach.

Laurent St-Cyr - Project Coordinator

Laurent’s goal in life is to have fun, all day, everyday. This mindset led him to complete his degree in leisure, culture and tourism at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.

Always seeking new projects, Laurent worked on different program for a variety of organizations.

Finishing a work contract for a national park in Quebec, Laurent jumped on the occasion to work for the CJFCB when he had the chance. Being on the west coast for the first time of his life, Laurent will bring dynamism and creativity in the CJFCB’s team and projects.