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The CJFCB is back in force for this back-to-school season with a diverse program that extends throughout the year for its members aged 14 to 25 !

The 2023-2024 program reflects the diversity and dynamism of the CJFCB members ! New activities are to be found but also classic events eagerly awaited by young people to come together, get involved and get together.

Various opportunities are presented each month. This month, the Youth Network is bringing its network of youth ambassadors from across BC to Vancouver to discuss engagement, education and identity. In November, the Empreintes program will return to its Forum to discuss various issues related to inclusion and equity in school and community environments.

Of course, the great classics are also back: the Francophone Youth Parliament of BC, the Provincial Francophone Games or even the Improvisation League, Crescendo and SAGA. A range of activities is also offered for our members aged 18 to 25 thanks to programming of the 18+ Committee. SFU students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Grand Voyage in Winnipeg in February !

So as not to miss anything, the program is now online and lists all the dates to register for activities (several of which are currently underway). Interested French-speaking young people aged 14 to 25 are invited to consult it by clicking here and share it with their friends !