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The start of the school year is off to a flying start at the CJFCB with a new Board of Directors (CA) and a team more motivated than ever !

To get this new year off to a good start, nothing better than a new board of directors and a team of professional and passionate employees ! In September, each of the groups was able to benefit from training in order to best bring the mission of the Youth Council and our philosophy of ‘by and for young people’ to life throughout the year.

Last June, the president of the CJFCB, Claudya Leclerc, renewed her two-year mandate with great enthusiasm. She is joined by new members of the Board, ready to get involved in carrying the voice of young French-speaking people. Added to this :

. Geneviève Poitras, Vice-President . Emily Deering, Treasurer . Blanche Monabeka, Representative 19-25 years old . Lara Komati, Representative 19-25 years old . Christina Monabeka, Representative 14-18 years old . Sofia Lemay, Representative 14-18 years old.

On the employee side, the team welcomed new collaborators, determined to set up a range of projects for Franco-Colombian youth. Sophie Audet, general director, is surrounded by a committed team, ready to bring the board’s vision to life. Joining her are :

. Marie-Athéna Gaudé Escoffier, deputy director . Pascale Marsan Johnson, manager of educational programs and coordinator of the Youth Network . Clémentine Creach, manager of educational programs and coordinator of the Linguistic Security Committee . Maxime Boivin Fortin, event coordinator for the PJFCB and the JFCBs . Katie Pinter, coordinator of the 18+ Committee and the QC-C.-B exchange program. . Nina Rizzo, LIFC, Crescendo and Leadership Camps Coordinator . Aliyah Dattoo, Footprints program coordinator . Ludivine Neau, communications coordinator . Charlotte Moreau, youth projects officer

Young people will have the opportunity to get to know each other during the many events organized this year, but in the meantime, the team page can be (re)discovered on our website !