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RETURN TO THE EXCHANGE PROGRAM: a special edition in a brand new format!

Last month, we concluded the fall edition of the exchange program in style.

This fall, the Exchange Program had a very special edition. Intended for students in French immersion programs, the CJFCB has built for the first time a two-part program, a mixture of virtual activities and a face-to-face meeting, in order to bring together and build links in French between students. youth.

This new format brought together 10 participants from grades 8 to 11, from 6 schools in Greater Vancouver and Prince George, to participate in workshops and activities in French.

In November, young people connected around à la carte activities offered online, having fun from the comfort of their homes! Four activities were offered including a trivia evening, a DIY candle workshop, a cooking competition and a games evening. It was a great way to build connections and try something new while taking into account that young people are always very engaged with several activities in their personal lives.

To close this edition, young people also had the opportunity to meet in person on Saturday, December 9 for a full day of activities in French! Based at the Maison de la francophonie in Vancouver, they had the chance to meet Monica Tang from the Bureau of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (BAFF) at Simon Fraser University, to lead a dynamic workshop allowing them to reflect on their identities and their bilingualism. The different profiles of the young people sparked great discussions and created new avenues for engaging in French after this program.

The young people also participated in an improvisation workshop with Ingrid Broussillon from Griottes Polyglottes to help them build their confidence in speaking French. Through play on words and movements, they laughed a lot and pushed their comfort zone. A safe space allowed these young people to dare to try new ways of expressing themselves!

To end the day, the young people headed to Robson Square for an evening of skating and hot drinks. What a great way to conclude the programming of this special fall 2023 edition! The program format for spring 2024 is still under construction.

The CJFCB thanks the Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (BAFF) at Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Ministry of Education for their support.