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The masks will fall ! The time has come to shine on stage during the Crescendo show and the LIFC tournament which are combined for the 2nd consecutive year.

2024 Edition: Focus on talent diversity! This year again, the CJFCB is looking for gems who will thrill the public with talents that are all more different than each other: from diabolo, to classical dance and rap, all artistic disciplines are welcome !

Virtual auditions for Crescendo and registrations for LIFC will take place from November 6 to 24.

ZOOM ON CRESCENDO How does Crescendo work? Whether young people are passionate about trapeze, hip hop, poetry, music, singing, or even theater, the Youth Council is waiting for them !

All performing arts talents are welcome, the CJFCB encourages the diversity of acts to have the chance to discover the budding artists within them.

To participate, young people are invited to send a 2 to 5 minute audition video presenting their act. Once chosen, participants will be able to count on a coach to practice and receive sound advice in order to achieve their best performance on the big day.

And who knows? The Crescendo show could bring their talent to light. It’s also a great opportunity to meet lots of other young people who also love the performing arts !

ZOOM ON LIFC Who is the Franco-Colombian Improvisation League for? For young people who like to laugh, make people laugh, and who are creative !

Following their registrations, the CJFCB will form improvisation teams by schools. Participants will have the chance to learn more about improvisation through upstream training. Refereeing, match rules, themes, and dramatic art will no longer have any secrets for them !

Throughout the year, they will also be able to practice with an expert coach, to be ready for the big day: the improvisation tournament between CSF schools in front of an enthusiastic audience !

The registration link is here

Access the teaser video of the Crescendo and LIFC shows by clicking here!**