Your Bursary

The Conseil Jeunesse’s bursary for one CSF graduate
Every year, the Conseil Jeunesse awards a bursary to one the graduates of the Francophone School District (CSF) at their graduation ceremony in June. Every grade 12 student who is also a member of the Conseil Jeunesse on their graduation day is eligible to win.
Have any questions? You can contact the Conseil Jeunesse team at


What to include in your application
The Conseil Jeunesse invites this year’s graduates to share the following information with us through an electronic document:

  • First name, last name, email address, school;
  • List of activities you have participated in within your school since grade 8;
  • List of activities you have participated in within your community since grade 8;
  • List of events and activities you have helped organise in collaboration with your school or with a community organisation since grade 8;
  • How do you see your involvement within the francophone community after you have finished high school?
  • How do you plan on spending your bursary if you win?


Selection Criteria
Each application will be evaluated within the following criteria:

  • Must be a student who is graduating from the Francophone School District;
  • Stands out in terms of their community engagement and also engagement within their school;
  • Has always demonstrated remarquable leadership skills throughout their school years and served as an example in order to inspire others to get involved;
  • Embodies the Conseil Jeunesse’s values : by and for youth, inclusion and integrity ;
  • Has had an exemplary attitude during the Conseil Jeunesse’s events.


Selection Process
Once all of the applications have been received, they will be evaluated by the board of directors. The Conseil Jeunesse’s team will also provide them with a recommendation that will be given to them by the executive director. All of the candidates will be reviewed and then the board of directors will vote to decide the winner.

Open the document below to learn more information on how to win this 1000$ bursary!