Your Team

Rémi Marien – Executive Director

It was the taste of adventure that brought Rémi to B.C. in 2009. His love of being engaged in his community is what has made working at the Conseil Jeunesse so enjoyable for him since 2010! He has a diploma in business management and in his work he is inspired daily by the creativity and energy of the young francophones of B.C.!

Sophie Audet – Activities and Leadership Coordinator

For Sophie, the call of the Pacific came in 2009! From a physical rehabilitation therapist to a wilderness guide, her heart eventually brought her to the Conseil Jeunesse in 2012 as their activities and leadership coordinator. This role which resembles her a lot, allows her to combine education with fun, both in outdoor and classroom settings!

Marion Postic - Communications Coordinator

It was in 2014 that Marion heard the call to come to Canada. When she arrived on the west coast, she immediately fell for the kindness of Canadians and the beauty of the landscapes. A lover of outdoor activities and of young “franco-colombiens”, it is with great pleasure that she has come back to the large Conseil Jeunesse family.

Ania Rezala - Event coordinator

In 2016, one of Ania’s dreams came true : to travel to Canada, to live in Vancouver and to be a part of the CJFCB’s team. She loves skiing, surfing, and francophones from British Columbia, and she cannot wait to get started! Watch out, Vancouver!

Noémie Bencteux - Project Coordinator

After living in Québec for a year, Noémie decided to continue her Canadian experience on the West coast. Now in an environment where Francophones are a minority, she is thrilled to work with the Conseil Jeunesse to make sure young francophone voices are heard. Her passions include sailing and the rights of minorities and she is looking forward to devoting her time to youth.

Élizabeth Soucy - Youth event coordinator

Originally from Montréal, Élizabeth has always had a passion for youth events and event coordination. The CJFCB seemed like such an adventure to her that she decided to put her studies in Public Relations on hold in order to seize this opportunity. A real lover of the world and of culture, she will be able to bring a lot of color and energy to her Conseil Jeunesse events.

Guillaume Daniel - Youth event coordinator

Having just arrived in Vancouver, Guillaume is joining the CJFCB with a lot of enthusiasm. Youth activities are a passion for him. Having the chance to accompany youth along their journeys, help them develop their ideas and help them want to be involved within their community are all things that motivate him! He loves action and new challenges… So there’s no doubt that Guillaume will put his optimism and his energy in service of franco-colombian youth.

Karolane Cliche - Youth event coordinator

Originally from Québec, every day Karolane is amazed by the beauty of British Columbia. As a lover of the French language and of event coordination, the Conseil Jeunesse fits her like a glove. It is with enthusiasm that she will contribute to making the franco-colombien culture shine!