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Youth serving youth : The Conseil Jeunesse’s board of directors

Seven people between the ages of 14 and 25 are elected at the annual general meeting by the youth council’s members (the participants of all CJFCB activities during year). They are elected for 1 or 2 years and are responsible for developing the CJFCB’s vision and policies, and of ensuring the presence and involvement of the French-speaking youth of British Columbia at provincial, interregional and national levels. As well as being visionaries, these young people give short and long terms directions to the CJFCB which are then executed by its employees.

You can contact your representatives (based on age group) at or in filling out our registration form for your project ideas or with your comments and suggestions to help the CJFCB’s activities evolve!

Yann Lacoste – President

A proud franco-British Columbian with French and Québecois roots, Yann is now in his 6th year as a board member and has been an active participant in the Conseil Jeunesse’s activities since he was 12. A big fan of francophone activities across the whole planet, he is always looking for new friends, dishes, experiences and adventures.

Rachel Delorme – Vice-President

Rachel is a British Columbian Francophone and has been a member of the Youth Council since 2010. She graduated from Brooks high school in Powell River. She has also attended the schools Gabrielle-Roy and Jules-Verne. She is currently finishing her last year at Simon Fraser University, where she is completing a joint major in Psychology and Criminology. She also works as a waitress in a French restaurant.

Thanks to the CJFCB’s events, Rachel began to take pride in her Francophone culture. This incredible organization gave her so much and for this reason, she wanted to involve herself within the board of directors, in order to give back to her community.

Her vision for the future of the CJFCB is very ambitious. She wants the events to reach as many Francophone youth as possible. Additionally, she wants youth in BC to take more pride in their language and culture. She sincerely believes that the CJFCB is accomplishing this already, but wants to see even more progress!

Louis Roux – Treasurer

Born in Montréal, Louis has loved languages for a long time. In primary school, he always shared his chair with a large book, ready to crack it open as soon as he could. His passion for reading has since stayed with him, and greatly contributed to his personal and academic development. In 2007, Louis moved to Vancouver with his parents and his younger sister to begin a new adventure on the opposite side of the country.

A proud Francophone, Louis completed high school in CSF schools, first at André-Piolat and then at Jules-Verne. In 2009, as a participant at the B.C. Francophone Youth Games, Louis discovered the Youth Council and the very large and welcoming community of British Columbian Francophones. Throughout high school, Louis participated in numerous activities hosted by the CJFCB, through which he made many important and life-long friendships. Following a short period of absence from the Francophone Youth Network when he began university, Louis came back with determination, and participated as much as possible in youth events, at the provincial and inter-provincial levels. He participates in as many events as possible, either as a participant or as a volunteer.

Having realized the importance and the impact of the CJFCB in his own life, Louis wanted to bring his community engagement to a new level by joining the board of directors. In order to give back to the community which has contributed so much to his social and personal development, Louis has worked as the treasurer of the CJFCB since June 2016. Equally, since September 2017, Louis has also worked as the treasurer of the Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne française (FJCF), a national youth organization of which the CJFCB is a member. Beyond contributing to the personal development and well-being of young Francophones in the province and the country, Louis hopes that his efforts will help to improve the opportunities available to young Francophones in minority communities.

Outside of his community engagement, Louis is fascinated by technology and scientific progress. He will soon be graduating from a systems engineering program at Simon Fraser University. He particularly likes discovering how objects function as well as the systems which surround us. His love of reading has not diminished, and he also loves biking and playing soccer. Exploring nature and hiking, anywhere from Vancouver to Stavanger, fills his heart with beauty, his mind with happiness, and his lungs with fresh air!

Noah Rondeau - Representative for 19-25

Noah studies electrical engineering at UVic. He grew up in Victoria, and graduated from l’école Victor-Brodeur. In his youth, Noah had the chance to live in France and in Québec-- cultural experiences that both impacted him and allowed him to acquire an international perspective of French and Francophone culture which also corresponds with the Francophone community of British Columbia. These experiences also fueled his passions for culinary arts, culture and history. His other hobbies include piano, biking and exploring nature and the outdoors.

Noah has been involved with the Youth Council since 2013, when he participated in the B.C. Francophone Youth Parliament for the first time. Within the following year, he participated in every other event offered by the CJFCB as well as the Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne française (FJCF).

The sense of belonging that he found within this community, and the desire to give back, brought him to join the board of directors of the CJFCB in 2015. He is grateful for all the work and representation opportunities he has enjoyed since. He hopes that the Youth Council will achieve its goal of retaining Francophone youth within the community.

Dominique Charlebois - Representative for 19-25

Dominique is French Canadian and a member of the B.C. Francophone Youth Council since 2009. The first CJFCB event in which she was a participant was the B.C Francophone Youth Parliament (PJFCB).

She graduated from l’école Victor-Brodeur and from Belmont Secondary School in Victoria. She studies Computer Science at the University of Victoria.

Dominique participates in Youth Council events, such as the PJFCB, the JFCB, the SAGA and the LIFC. She has also participated in the PFCNO (North-Western Francophone Youth Parliament). She hopes that the CJFCB will continue to grow, develop and improve.
Dominique loves biking, photography, programming and graphics.

She graduated from Victor-Brodeur and Belmont Secondary School. She now studies Computer Science at the University
of Victoria.

Dominique enjoys participating in the CJFCB activities such as PJFCB, JFCB, SAGA, and LIFC. She has also participated in PFCNO. She hopes that the CJFCB will continue to grow and improve.

Dominique enjoys biking, photography, programming, and graphic design.

Marie-Gabrielle Béchard - Representative for 14-18

Marie-Gabrielle arrived in British Columbia in 2012. Since then, she has developed a true passion for the French-Colombian community. She would love to give the opportunity to all young Francophones and Francophiles of BC to build a strong relationship with the French-Colombian family! Passionate about nature, she is currently pursuing her studies in Resource and Environmental Management at SFU. She dreams of living in a yurt!

Emma Dreher - Representative for 14-18

Beginning her fourth year as a representative of the region of Prince George for the Francophone Youth Network, Emma seized the opportunity to become one of two representatives of 14 to 18 year olds within the board of directors of the Youth Council. Her involvement in the Network, the PJFCB, the SAGA, and the Fusion forum, to name a few, gave her plenty of tools necessary to fill her role.

Living in an isolated region and studying in a linguistically heterogeneous school, Emma has a unique perspective which allows her to ensure that the needs of all youth are adequately met. She believes that this is a promising time for the CJFCB, and she looks forward to being included and involved in the growth of this organization.

She will soon be leaving her hometown and will ideally be studying in the French Cohort Program at Simon Fraser University. When asked what she wants to do later on, she says that a career in writing will make her happy. When she isn’t busy studying, she spends her time writing, drawing, or cuddling her cat, Pandora.