Your Board Members

Youth serving youth : The Conseil Jeunesse’s board of directors

Seven people between the ages of 14 and 25 are elected at the annual general meeting by the youth council’s members (the participants of all CJFCB activities during year). They are elected for 1 or 2 years and are responsible for developing the CJFCB’s vision and policies, and of ensuring the presence and involvement of the French-speaking youth of British Columbia at provincial, interregional and national levels. As well as being visionaries, these young people give short and long terms directions to the CJFCB which are then executed by its employees.

You can contact your representatives (based on age group) for your project ideas or with your comments and suggestions to help the CJFCB’s activities evolve.

Yann Lacoste – President

A proud franco-British Columbian with French and Québecois roots, Yann is now in his 6th year as a board member and has been an active participant in the Conseil Jeunesse’s activities since he was 12. A big fan of francophone activities across the whole planet, he is always looking for new friends, dishes, experiences and adventures.

Rachel Delorme – Vice-President

Rachel is a French British-Columbian and member of the Conseil jeunesse since 2010. She graduated from Brooks Secondary School but she also went to Gabrielle-Roy and Jules-Verne. She is currently studying psychologie and criminology at Simon Fraser University and she is a waitress at a French restaurant. Rachel loves to travel, adventuring in nature, especially doing hikes, and spending time with friends!

Louis Roux – Treasurer

Native from Quebec, Louis is a Franco-Columbian by adoption since he moved to the West in 2007. He studied at André-Piolat and then at Jules-Verne, before entering engineering studies at SFU. In order to support his studies, he works as a shoemaker. Louis loves exploring and learning, whether by hiking, biking, reading books or having social exchanges. So come and say hello to him!

Noah Rondeau - Representative for 19-25

A Franco-Colombian native from Victoria, Noah is the administrator for 19-25 year olds on the board of the CJFCB. Active in the francophone community since 2010, he serves as a member of the Cabinet at the Parlement jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique and at the Parlement jeunesse pancanadien. Noah studies Electric Engineering at the University of Victoria and, when he is not scaling a mountain of work, he loves to climb real mountains, biking and playing piano.

Dominique Charlebois - Representative for 19-25

Dominique is a Canadian Francophone and a member of the CJFCB since 2009. Her first CJFCB event was PJFCB. The CJFCB has grown enormously since she first joined.

She graduated from Victor-Brodeur and Belmont Secondary School. She now studies Computer Science at the University
of Victoria.

Dominique enjoys participating in the CJFCB activities such as PJFCB, JFCB, SAGA, and LIFC. She has also participated in PFCNO. She hopes that the CJFCB will continue to grow and improve.

Dominique enjoys biking, photography, programming, and graphic design.

Marie-Gabrielle Béchard - Representative for 14-18

Marie-Gabrielle arrived in British Columbia in 2012. Since then, she has developed a true passion for the French-Colombian community. She would love to give the opportunity to all young Francophones and Francophiles of BC to build a strong relationship with the French-Colombian family! Passionate about nature, she is currently pursuing her studies in Resource and Environmental Management at SFU. She dreams of living in a yurt!

Emma Dreher - Representative for 14-18

In her senior year of high school, Emma will soon have to leave Prince George, her hometown, to study elsewhere. Ideally, it would be at SFU in the French Cohort Program. When asked what she would like to do later, she says that so long as she’s writing, she’ll be happy. If she isn’t studying, she spends her time writing, drawing and cuddling with her cat, Pandora.