B.C.– Quebec Exchange Program




From March 20th 2023 to April 30th 2023


Grade 10 and 11 French Immersion students

Your contact : echangequebec@cjfcb.com

B.C.– Quebec Exchange Program

After the success of its fall edition which took place from October 18 to November 28, 2021, the virtual exchange program between students from Quebec and British Columbia is back for a spring edition!

It is an amazing opportunity to network with a student from Quebec, to meet other French-speaking youth from across BC and other Canadian provinces and of course to progress in learning French.

Only grade 10 and 11 students in the French Immersion program can apply.

The exchange program runs for 6 weeks. The exchange program will take place over 6 weeks, from March 20 to April 30, 2023.

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The program is structured around two main axes

An individual focus:

  • Each student from BC is paired with a student from Quebec.
  • The paired students meet by videoconference at least twice a week, according to their own schedule.
  • Preset themes are proposed each week, with ideas for activities and challenges to guide the conversations.
  • Each meeting between the twinned students is conducted half in French and half in English.

A group focus:

  • Group activities, including an orientation session, are conducted in French among BC participants.
  • Three group activities are held with all the participants of the exchange program from Canada. These meetings are held in French and English on the Discord platform during the weekend.

A detailed schedule will be sent to you before the start of the exchange!

I learned some new slang words, which was really fun for me. I never had the chance to learn things like this before.


Fall 2021

I am more comfortable in conversation, and I can say more difficult sentences now. I have found good friends in this program.


Spring 2021

With my twin, we talked about a lot of things such as the sports we played, school, the books we like to read, the games we like and the differences between BC and Quebec in general.


Fall 2021

It was cool to learn how normal things for me are different for kids in another province.


Fall 2021

I have a new friend! I love talking to her and we have already made plans to visit each other.


Fall 2021


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