Du 1st au 3rd December 2023


8th to 12th grade

Ton contact : aliyah@cjfcb.com

The Conseil Jeunesse presents, for the 7th consecutive year, the Empreintes project in BC! This project is in partnership with the Francophone School District (CSF) and ENSEMBLE pour le respect de la diversité, an organization that promotes diversity and respect. The Empreintes project is BY and FOR youth and aims to prevent violence and discrimination in schools.

The provincial Empreintes committee

The provincial Empreintes committee is composed of students who create and implement projects that favour inclusion in their schools. The student committee focuses on topics that affect their school environments such as bullying, racism or sexism.

The committee gathers, has brainstorms and develops concrete actions that will promote respect, diversity and enhance the well-being of students in CSF schools.

If you have any questions, please contact the event coordinator Pascale.

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Do you want to get involved ?

Join the provincial committee! Registration is open until November 9th, 2021.