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Where: Campbell River When: 05 au 08 July 2018
Age: 14-25 years old Number of Participants: Around 40

You are a francophone or a francophile engaged and involved in his community? You would like to be part of a change and be part of the decision making process at the CJFCB? You wish to meet other youth who share the same passion as you? You are the perfect candidate for la SAGA 2016!

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B.C. Francophone youth parliament (BCFYP)

Where: Victoria When: 17 January 2019
Age: 14-25 year olds Number of Participants: 115

Are you passionate about the art of debate and wishing to broaden your knowledge of the political system? The B.C. youth parliament is an event that allows you to experience a parliamentary simulation, to participate in social activities as well as training courses and conferences.

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Pancanadian youth forum (PYF)

Where: Halifax, NE When: 06 March 2019
Age: 14-25 year olds Number of Participants: 60

The pancanadian youth forum gathers over a hundred young francophones from all over the country and allows you to discuss a societal issue and think of solutions that could be put in place to intervene in a concrete way.

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Pancanadian youth parliament (PYP)

Where: Ottawa When: 08 January 2020
Age: 16-25 year olds Number of Participants: 100

The pancanadian youth parliament is the ideal occasion for you to learn more about Canadian politics. It is also a chance to play the role of politician and to live an enriching experience.

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The Canadian francophone games (or JFC) – Team B.C.

Where: Victoria When: 12 July 2020
Age: Age: 14-18 year olds Number of Participants: 1 000 participants (90-Team BC)

One of the biggest gatherings of francophone youth in Canada (1000 people)! Not only do the games allow you to express your talents in three disciplines (Arts, Leadership and Sports), they will also allow you to participate in activities that emphasize cultural pride, self-confidence and leadership skills in the context of healthy competition.

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