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British Columbia’s francophone games (BCFG)

Where: Kelowna When: from 18 May 2018 to 21 May 2018
Age: 14-18 years old How may people: 130


Do you like art, sports, sciences, or leadership!? Register for the BC Francophone Youth Games to be immersed in French culture, to have fun and to create lasting friendships with youth from all over British Columbia!  #CBenfamille

Have any questions? Contact Ania, the event coordinator.

The 26th Edition of the BC Francophone Youth Games took place in Kelowna from the 18th to the 21st of May 2018!


OLYMPIC SPORTS – Workshop leader:  Valentin Cartier-Panot
This workshop offers participants the opportunity to practice and improve themselves in a diverse selection of chosen disciplines. By splitting-up participants into teams, the competition will allow them to develop friendships with their French-speaking teammates. All participants will also have the chance to develop and improve their leadership skills and their self-esteem in a healthy, caring and fun environment.
The 6 sports that will be offered are: Soccer, Volley-Ball, Basket-Ball, Bubble-Soccer, Field Hockey and Bootcamp.

HIKING AND ORIENTEERING – Workshop leader: Christia Langois
Do you like the outdoors? Come discover the Okanagan valley and the city of Kelowna. Between hikes and scavenger hunts, you’ll learn the essentials for hiking and for discovering new sites in both natural and urban landscapes.


DANCE : URBAN STYLES – Workshop leader: Annick Le Quellec
Do you feel like dancing and discovering African-influenced hip-pop and jazz? Join us and you’ll have the chance to develop your creative side and to learn new choreography. There will be a final presentation for the other participants!




Photo Stephanie Lamy

This song-oriented music workshop will center on a musical style of SLAM poetry and instrumental percussion. You will have the support of, Aude Ray, a professional in the music industry.
The program will include: workshops for writing, song composition, vocal coaching, singing, and stage management in order to help you develop your own expressive artistry.
At the end of the workshops you will have the chance to shine on stage with a musical accompaniment during a show that will highlight the various talents of each participant.


IMPROVISATIONAL THEATRE – Workshop leader : Erin Purghart
Improvisation is simply a process of action and reaction. It is a fusion of accepting ideas and offerings, of listening to others and of being imaginative within performance. It is a type of theatre where mistakes do not exist. It embraces the creation of characters, the importance of having objectives, and the emotional experience. It is a staging of the unexpected and the unpredictable. Everything is possible and nothing is unattainable! Chinese shadow techniques will also be incorporated into the workshop!


ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES – Workshop leader : Émilie Bou and Cédric Lejeune
In this workshop, you will have the chance to explore the natural landscapes of Kelowna along with Émilie and Cédric, two specialists who are passionate about the environment, biology and the outdoors. On the agenda: observations, discussions, experiences, capturing organisms, and adventure. If you want to discover nature, learn more about the environment, all while having fun and moving around outdoors, this workshop is for you!

The application period is now closed!
We receive again this year more applications than spots available for this event. A selection committee is planning a meeting on March, the 26th to determine the list of participants. It is always a really hard choice for the Youth Council to have to refuse some participants.

Do you have send your complete application ? You will receive an answer after the meeting of the committee.

Every year we have a limited amount of available spots for the Youth Games*, so we follow a precise selection process

1. Submission of application documents (online form, consent form signed by your parents, and participation check);
2. Motivation;
3. Diversity of experience (of the Youth Games) and of the chosen components;
4. Embodiment of the values of the CJFCB;
5. Diversity of schools and of geographic locations;
6. Balance in age groups (14-18 year olds)

*Due to the large volume of applications, the participants who have not been accepted will be reimbursed only by check, from  April 16th, 2018 onwards.

**No refunds after April 16, 2018.

We always try to make our events accessible to all, however due to budgetary reasons, it is likely that we will request further financial participation from participants living in distant or remote areas.

The Youth Council offers inclusive environments in its events.


  • The use of French language is mandatory at any CJFCB’s events.
  • All participants must respect curfew hours.
  • Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. Any participant caught in detention of either alcohol or drugs will be sent home immediately, at his own or his parents expense.
  • Participants are asked to be on time and respectful of the programming.
  • Participants can’t leave the event unless they’ve been authorized to by a staff member.
  • Smoking cigarettes is prohibited on the event’s main location.
  • All participants are asked to dress up appropriately for the event.
  • Any kind of bullying behaviour, stealing, loss or harassment will be dealt with accordingly to CJFCB’s policies.
  • CJFCB do not assume any responsability toward any physical injuries or material losses that occured during its event.
  • Any breach to the rules edicted above can lead to a loss of privileges, up to the participant being sent home to his own or his parents expense.

Make a donation to the project of the 26th Ed. of the BC Francophone Youth Games in Kelowna !
Thanks to your generosity, the BC Francophone Youth Games can continue to offer innovative programs that develop the full potential of youth and encourage community building. Make a donation!

We try our best to make this event accessible to all. Certain participants, living in distant areas such as Northern British-Columbia or the Kootenay region have less access to these types of Francophone youth opportunities. Donations would allow for more youth from these regions to take part in these events.
The youth have mandated the CJFCB to be more “green” during our events. Donations would allow us to strengthen our green initiatives and reduce our environmental impact: waste reduction, purchasing reusable water bottles as promotional items (instead of plastic cups), other ecological and reusable promotional items, less paper consumption, becoming more digital, etc.

Make a donation!

Thank you to our partners ! 





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"A big THANKS to everyone who organized the 22nd edition of the francophone games and I hope to have the same experience next year!"

"Thanks for putting so much work into the making the games happen! I always have fun at these events."

"PLEASE! Bring back the dance activity next year! It is a pleasure to come to the games! And I hope that next year (which will be my 4th time going) the games will be just as fun!"