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B.C. Francophone youth parliament (BCFYP)

Where: Victoria When: from 17 January 2019 to 20 January 2019
Age: 14-25 year olds How may people: 115


The BC Francophone Youth Parliament is a parliamentary simulation which brings together 115 youth from all four corners of the province, between the ages of 14 to 25, to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. Over the course of three days, participants are immersed within the Canadian democratic process.

While the Members of Parliament and the Ministers debate social issues which directly impact the lives of Francophone youth in BC, a team of journalists listen attentively to the parliamentary discussions in order to report them to the population via the press and radio. The citizens community participants are discussing about citizens and community engagement to empower the youth to have a critical mind and to make wise choices. Ultimately, all participants have the same objective: participating within the democratic process of British Columbia.

Have any questions? Contact Pierre, the coordinator of the event.


You must apply through the form below to participate (in French only).


BCFYP 2018 : The BC Francophone Youth Parliament successfully passes the twenty year mark !
The 20th edition of the BC Francophone Youth Parliament took place on January 18th to 21st in Victoria. With a 60% increase of new participants this year, the roles of the Chamber (cabinet members, Ministers, deputies), medias and citizens community participants were all taken on by the participants. They learned to communicate their ideas through four new proposed bills relating to education, health, ecology, economy and immigration.
Consult the Vademecum 2018 !

In the context of the 20th anniversary of the BCFYP, we had the honor of hosting Justin Johnson, the president of the Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française. As proud Métis, Justin Johnson came specifically to facilitate a conference with the aim of inspiring the youth. The conference was about community engagement and about encouraging youth to take pride in Francophone culture by proposing an identity model accessible to them.

Here are the four Ministers of the BCFYP 2018!

• Bill concerning the Reform of Parenting in British Columbia, proposed by Bridget Stringer-Holden, Minister of Families.
• Bill concerning Youth and Alcohol, proposed by Mathew McMahon, Minister of Health and Security.
• Bill concerning Gender Equality in British Columbia, proposed by Danielle Ruhigisha, Minister for Gender Equality.
• Bill concerning Immigration in British Columbia, proposed by Moussa Niang, Minister of Immigration and Refugees.

Here is an example of a past bill!

The works produced by the Media group can be found on their blog.

To give you an idea of the composition of the BCFYP, the event is made up of 4 components.
This component will allow you to :
– debate bills in the House of Commons;
– develop arguments to assert your positions;
– defend your opinions to citizens and the media;
– actively participate in parliamentary sessions.

This component will allow you to :
– represent an organisation/company (ex. NGO);
– participate in oral and written communications to influence the decisions of Members of Parliament and Ministers;
– work with media to influence public opinion.

This component will allow you to :
– participate in press conferences;
– organise intervews with Members of Parliament and Ministers;
– draft news articles
– contribute to video production and the development of a radio show.

If you are between the ages of 11 and 13, you are a resident of Victoria, and you are interested in this component, you can contact Bénula Larsen by email : larsenbenula@gmail.com
This component will allow you to :
– experience an incredible parliamentary event;
– be present in the House of Commons during debates;
– transmit messages between Members of Parliament;
– improve your understanding of the Parliamentary system.

President: Claudya Leclerc
Vice-President: Danielle Amanda
Prime-Minister: Moe Younesi
Vice Prime-Minister: Mayabelle Goers-Duquette
Leader of the House: Marie-Gabrielle Béchard
Media Representative: Ashton Ramsay
Citizens’ Action Representative : Guadalupe Forcier

Thank you to our partners !