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Youth Network

Où : The CSF’s secondary schools Quand : September to June each year Qui : Students from 9 to 12 grades


The Youth Network, or Réseau Jeunesse, is a provincial student council for the Francophone School District. It’s mandate is to represent the voice of the students in each region through several committees, to share opportunities in French and to put in place several different projects that aim towards promoting French and creating a feeling of belonging.

Do you want to develop your leadership skills? Do you want to represent your school and participate in the implementation of concrete projects for youth? The Youth network is THE ideal student gathering for you! All year long you will participate in meetings organized by the Conseil Jeunesse with students from other CSF schools as well as receive training in leadership.

Mandate: As the provincial francophone student council, the mandate of the Youth network is composed of different projects that gather students dispersed across the province and includes the promotion of potential extracurricular activities for their schools.

There are 4 meetings a year that last a whole weekend, from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.
Registrations take place in September of each year.

For more information, contact Sophie!