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The Conseil jeunesse has developed workshops that are in line with the school curriculum followed by teachers in order to give students from grades 7 to 12 the opportunity to live enriching and positive experiences in French!

These courses aim to develop their leadership skills via group activities in which they can develop their listening skills, their oral expression and their teamwork capabilities.


On top of our usual events and activities, the Conseil Jeunesse offers teachers several workshops for students from grades 8 to 12. These workshops support identity building by creating a positive relationship with the French language.


Fall 2016: Improvisation Workshops

Youth leaders from the Conseil Jeunesse will be in schools during the fall to offer one of more workshops in theatre improvisation. Here are the dates for each school! Have any questions? Contact the individual schools or Sandra at the Conseil Jeunesse!

• André-Piolat : October 7, 2016
• Kelowna : October 13, 2016
• Penticton : October 14, 2016
• Gabrielle-Roy : October 31, 2016
• Jules-Verne : November 3, 2016
• Pionniers : November 8, 2016
• Nanaimo : November 15, 2016
• Au-cœur-de-l’île : November 16, 2016
• Carihi : November 17, 2016
• Victor-Brodeur : November 18, 2016
• École des Deux-Rives : November 29, 2016


Spring 2017 : radio workshops

In spring 2017, the Conseil Jeunesse will offer radio workshops to high school students from francophone schools and French immersion schools. For more information about this project, contact Sophie from the Conseil Jeunesse!


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