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The Canadian francophone games (or JFC) – Team B.C.

Where: Moncton, Dieppe When: from 10 July 2017 to 16 July 2017
Age: Age: 14-18 year olds How may people: 1 000 participants (Team B.C.)


One of the biggest gatherings of francophone youth in Canada (1000 people)! Not only do the games allow you to express your talents in three disciplines (Arts, Leadership and Sports), they will also allow you to participate in activities that emphasize cultural pride, self-confidence and leadership skills in the context of healthy competition.

What are the French Canadian Games (JeuxFC) ?
The French Canadian Games are one of the largest francophone youth gatherings in Canada (over 1000 people). The 2017 edition took place in July 2017 in Moncton and Dieppe, New Brunswick.

Not only does this event let you discover three exciting components (Arts, Sports and Leadership), the games offer activities that promote cultural pride, self-confidence and leadership skills in an environment of friendly competition. Participants from all over the country will be able to showcase their talents in a way that focuses on sharing with others as well as personal growth. This will all happen through leadership workshops and artistic and sporting competitions that take place over five rich and fun-filled days!

All of the information about this event can be found on the JeuxFC website. Have any questions? Contact us by email at information@cjfcb.com.

Visual identity for l’Équipe CB
Check out team BC’s new visual identity!

Central to Équipe CB’s new visual identify is the orca, a symbol of dynamism, strength, but also teamwork, which really represents our team and our province. This new logo also represents our values: team spirit, personal betterment, generosity and respect for the environment.

The team’s values (2017)
Being a part of l’équipe CB means adopting the following values…
In order to proudly represent the francophone youth of British Columbia, speak the language that unites us. Be proud of the different accents that make BC unique, but above all, united!
Team Spirit
Be honest and respectful towards others. Encourage your teammates and congratulate the other teams on their successes!
Respect the environment around you and be an example for the other provinces!
This is the moment to live by our #CBenfamille and to even make it our #Canadaenfamille! Take care of the other members of the team, be inclusive, be cheerful, and make an effort to meet the other teams!
Personal Betterment
Give your best during the activities and competitions, as well as during the whole event! Surpass your limits, go outside of your comfort zone in order to become a better person!
Benefit fully from this incredible event by having fun!