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B.C. Francophone youth parliament (BCFYP)

Where: Victoria When: from 18 January 2018 to 21 January 2018
Age: 14-25 year olds How may people: 115


Are you passionate about the art of debate and wishing to broaden your knowledge of the political system? The B.C. youth parliament is an event that allows you to experience a parliamentary simulation, to participate in social activities as well as training courses and conferences.

While the mps and ministers debate over matters that directly affect francophone British Columbians, a team of journalists listen carefully to the discussions in order to report back to the rest of the population through the press and on the radio. Meanwhile, the civilian action group is attempting to make themselves heard by the politicians and the journalists, through means of protests, roadblocks, petitions and publicity stunts. All the participants have the same objective: to take part in British Columbia’s democratic process.

Do you have questions about BC’s francophone youth parliament? Contact our event coordinator, at projets@cjfcb.com.

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