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Youth Radio

Where : All over the province! When :September 2017 to June 2018 Who : 14 to 25 years old


LaBoîte.fm is your francophone youth radio in British Columbia. If you want to get involved as a journalist, host or even as a tech specialist, then this project is perfect for you. As well as being a radio, LaBoîte.fm is also a communications platform that is made BY and FOR youth.

LaBoîte.fm… what exactly is it?
The youth radio is a tool for creating, producing and sharing media content. It is coordinated by the Conseil Jeunesse and allows youth to cover live events (streaming), to produce media content and also provides workshops to schools.

The full package
Our radio is a mobile recording unit and can be used with multimedia devices (iPads and recording machines). It’s also a web-portal for streaming audio, video and written content. It also has a dynamic presence on social media in order to share content and promote the community’s activities.

LaBoîte.fm, an innovative pedagogical tool
Radio workshops in schools are hosted all year long thanks to our partnership with British Columbia’s Francophone School District. Teachers make use of our radio because it’s a great addition to their classes and is a useful pedagogical tool.
It allows students to develop transversal skills such as interpersonal relationships, communication, critical thinking and team work in a fun and playful environment.

LaBoîte.fm, a tool for community building
LaBoîte.fm is a means of incorporating youth to the programming within community organisations. The projects can focus on awareness, information and exchange.
One of our projects in 2014-2015, “Génération mixte”, developed in partnership with Campbell River’s francophone association, aimed to create ties between francophone seniors and youth within Campbell River through radio!