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Où : Vancouver Quand : September to December 2016 Qui : K-12


British Columbia’s Conseil Jeunesse (CJFCB) has started a new project this year which aims to promote the French language in two establishments which happen to be very close to each other in Vancouver: l’école Rose-des Vents, a primary school, and l’école Jules-Verne, a secondary school next to it. Although the two schools share the same lot, the Conseil Jeunesse is mainly aiming to create emotional connections between the two different age groups.

To get involved in the project, or for more information, please contact Sophie from the Conseil Jeunesse!

Presenting our new project : TANDEM
The name was chosen due to its meaning : two entities working together and simultaneously to bring about a common goal. TANDEM aims to create connections between primary students from l’école Rose-des-Vents and secondary students from l’école Jules-Verne. The main idea is to offer accessible French-speaking role models for the younger students, allowing them to grow and to develop their vocabulary. This project contributes to the Conseil Jeunesse’s “BY youth FOR youth” vision.
A pilot project was run last year in the grade 12 Social Justice class. It aimed to educate the younger students about intimidation in schools. This activity will continue this year and the CJFCB is currently searching for more connections within the curriculum that will allow this project to become even more varied and productive for the students.

A variety of activities
Furthermore, we would like to implement a series of workshops during the lunch hour run by volunteers from l’école Jules-Verne. These would include sports, art or other fun activities and allow the students from both generations to make connections among each other and feel a sense of belonging to the wider francophone community of British Columbia.
TANDEM is only getting started but we hope it will be an ongoing project and serve to bring the students closer together and closer to the francophone community in Vancouver.