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Rencontre ma francophonie

Où : Powell River et Kelowna Quand : Octobre à novembre 2016 Qui : 9e à 12e année


British Columbia is a really big province. There are francophones spread wide across its mountains, rivers and shores. This distance among us can create a sense of isolation for some francophones who would like to connect with others and live their lives in French. This is true for a lot of students in schools that have a small French program within a mainly English school.

In order to address this problem, British Columbia’s Conseil Jeunesse (CJFCB) has started a new project named “Rencontre ma Francophonie”. The goal is simple: to make connections between students from different mixed schools in order for them to meet new people. Through activities and correspondences, the students learns that French in B.C. is alive!
Six schools will take part in the project this year : Campbell River, Powell River, Nanaimo, Sechelt, Penticton and Prince George. The first meetings will take place at the end of October 2016!

For more information, contact Sophie from the Conseil Jeunesse!

crédits photos Gaëtan Nerincx